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Publication: Enseñar en el proyecto bilingüe. Reflexiones y recursos para el profesor

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This is a handbook for teachers starting to work in bilingual education. It is focused on infant and primary education, and it contains several sections: reflections, internet links, important questions, etc. It aims at helping teacher have some answers to everyday problems that may appear in their classrooms as well as to provide with a pocketful of ideas which may be put into practice.

You can buy it in any bookshop or online from the publishing house.

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Our research work on bilingual education (I)

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A group of teachers of the University of Alcalá (Madrid), coordinated by Prof. Ana Halbach (PhD), started to follow the implementation of a bilingual project in state-run schools in the Madrid Region. This happened in 2004. Along these 6 years we have been looking at this challenge from the perspective of teachers. What does it mean for a teacher to participate in a bilingual project? Which are their main needs? What are their expectations? How do they value this experience? Many are the questions that we wanted to answer, and we had the chance to share this time with them, and try to collaborate as much as possible to solve their problems and doubts.

The first study, centred on finding out teachers’ prior expectations and needs to the implementation of the project, is described and explained here.

Soon, more on our research work. Hope it is useful!