My students are working on creating useful blogs for EFL and bilingual teachers, so… why not sharing them? Please, visit them and make comments.

OPEN YOUR EARS Blog created by Elena Lloréns, Alicia Sanz, María Sabina, Marina Menéndez, Yésika Navas and Verónica Morales. An interesting blog on listening activities on the Internet.

PLAY AND LEARN ENGLISH WITH CRITTER Blog created by Verónica Tomillo, Laura Vicente, Carolina Woodhead, Claire Ujma and Yolanda Miranda. A wonderful blog on EFL games.

YOUR HOLE IN THE CORK Blog created by María Perálvarez, Helena Redondo, Paricia Guzmán and Sara Santamaría. Want to know how to make the most of bulletin boards?

STORIES AND TALES Blog created by M. Carrmen Garrido, Clara Castaño, Silvia Candela, Estefanía Lozano, and Irene Eriz. Time to work with our imagination!

VIDEOS FOR CHILDREN Blog created by Pilar Cabezuelo, Julio Díaz, Blanca Francisco and Alejandro Esteban. Using videos to enhance students’ learning.

STORIES Blog created by Cristina de Santos, Judit Sánchez, Noelia Manzano, Carmen García and Marina Polaina. Stories for every occasion: Halloween, St Patrick’s Day…

SING A SONG WITH US. Blog created by Icíar del Rio, Carolina García, Jana Gil and Elsa García. Have fun singing English.

ENGLISH FOR FUN. Blog created by María Gamito, Sonia Hernández and María Herguedas. Games and activities to enjoy learning English.

ENGLISH GAMES. Blog created by Laura Argüelles, Lucia González, Sara Jiménez, Loli Amate, Ainara López,  y Ángela García. Some more games to use in class.

TEACHERS’ JOURNAL OF FLASHCARDS. Blog created by José Antonio Garrido, Samuel García, Ángel González y Álvaro Berliches.  Several links with free flashcards ready to print and use.

COOLGANIZERS Blog created by Nieves Martínez, Carlos Huélamo, Alfonso Bote, Marta Fernández, Álvaro Gómez and Pablo M. Macías. Coolganizers, how to use graphic organizers and create your own graphic organizer.  An interesting blog devoted to organise information using diagrams, mindmaps, etc.

SINGTHESONGS Blog created by Ana Mochales, Daniel Muñoz, Charles Obote, Julio Viejo, Javier Sagrado and Beatriz Sanz. Traditional and not so well-known songs have been complied to be used in the classroom. A good starting point to develop students’ musical intelligence in the English classroom.

PRONUNCIATION IS FUN Blog created by Carlos Pavón de Mingo.  A blog with useful resources to make your students develop a phonemic awareness in the English classroom.


2 thoughts on “Links

    marta said:
    April 9, 2016 at 2:04 am

    what subject is better to study and learn about the CLIL? I want to start and get to practice but I dont know what to read or where to start ? thanks marta

      teachingtoteach responded:
      September 1, 2016 at 6:01 pm

      Hola Marta,
      Si te interesa conocer el enfoque CLIL, te aconsejo nuestra formación. Escribe a y te comentarán las posibilidades de cursos online.
      Un saludo y happy CLILing.

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