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Some years ago colleague prof. Alfredo Palacios showed me a book dealing with artistic creation through the use of maps. I then thought about the map as a metaphor of our experiences, and as a way to facilitate instrospection in my lessons. The first time I used maps was 2011, as part of the Children’s Literature subject I was lecturing. I made my students draw their reading experiences using maps. The experience was amazing, as many students who didn’t have a high English level found the map a good visual support for their explanations, and motivation was dramatically increased in the classroom. In 2012 I repeated the experience with similar results, and in 2013, January, I used it with my colleagues, in a training session on their experience being trained to use CLIL in their University lessons. I guess this made an impact in my colleague Alfredo, who had originally talked to me about this, as you can see in his blog The idea was in away going back and forth between us 🙂

This academic year I have used reading maps with my students again. They had to create a map about their reading experiences, and were prompted to be as creative as possible. Once the reading maps were ready, we then created a Reading Museum, with all their reading maps and descriptions displayed. They then had to look at their classmates’ work and decide on the three best works they had seen. Apart from this, I asked my colleague Alfredo to analyse these works in terms of artistic value and effort. This was a way of make this activity richer and more… interdisciplinary :). I promised students to publish a photo of the students who got best marks, and this is what I’m doing now. Below you can find Patricia Pélaez, Lucía Fernández, Leticia de la Serna, Andrea Sáez and Sonsoles Torres proudly showing their reading maps. Good teaching demands for creative teachers, and here they are! 🙂

CLIL Teacher Trainees showing winning Reading Maps
CLIL Teacher Trainees showing winning Reading Maps

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