Enhancing your visuals

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When carrying out CLIL into the classroom, one should be aware of the importance of applying appropriate scaffolding. More often than not, teachers rely solely on linguistic clues to teach contents. If we want authentic learning to happen, we need to improve our scaffolding techniques, so that students can have clues to build their own thinking.

Scaffolding techniques are varied, but many of them have to do with visuals. Visual learning is by far the most common learning style of our students. They get information through their eyes. Visual scaffolding resources encompass mindmaps, photos, videos, pictures, labels, powerpoint presentations and more.

As a powerpoint use, I have always tried to get information about how to improve my own presentations. Looking at my own materials, I see that I have moved from copying paragraphs into slides to use metaphors and keywords. Presentations are my support, but not my script. Even if I know that I have improved, there is a long way for me to get the presentations I would like to create. In the last weeks, I have tried to find out about books and online materials centred on how to improve your presentations, and that’s how I found this interesting link:

Top 35 books on Presentations

An interesting resource to learn how to make effective presentations


In this link you can find information on the best ranked books on presentations. I would like to

highlight Nancy Duarte’s materials. I find them really amazing and I’m taking many of her ideas to enhance learning in CLIL lessons. Let’s see what the results are! I’ll keep you post on them!



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