Conference – Global Issues and CLIL – Germany September 2013

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Hi everybody,

I have just received information on a conference dealing with global issues in CLIL. I’m copying the information directly from the source. You can obtain more info here.

GLOBAL ISSUES – Critical Content and Language Integrated Learning
Bielefeld, Germany, 6-8 September, 2013
A banner at a demonstration in Europe in 2011 as part of the international Occupy Education movement stated: “Education can, and should be, dangerous!” In other words confronting what is really happening in the world. One way of putting this into practice would be a kind of critical Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach. Issues that affect our lives in different parts of the globe could provide the content for subjects such as history, art, music, for example, as well as for the English class. This way, CLIL could become more progressive and have a truly transforming role.
At the same time, Global Issues are a kind of elephant in the English classroom, much too rarely explored with students and colleagues. In our view, Global Issues should be at the heart of a turn to a more progressive Critical CLIL that looks at building critical intercultural understanding and a far more critical and engaged citizenship curriculum. In Europe, this might be integrated into the work of the Comenius Programme of the European Commission and its promotion of learning for active citizenship or the Erasmus initiatives in higher education.
This conference will look at ways and means of exploring these issues and topics at all levels of learning and teacher training and development in all walks of the EFL/ESL world. Further information will appear here in the New Year. This conference is organised jointly by four SIGs: Global Issues, Teacher Trainers and Teacher Educators, Young Learners and Teenagers, and Pronunciation in collaboration with local English Language teacher associations. It will be held at the Volkshochschule Bielefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Global Issues and Critical CLIL Conference

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