Brushing up your English in summer

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One of the most frequent questions I’m asked these days is: “Teacher, how can I keep on improving my English in summer?”. My answer is “Practise, practise, and practise. No matter if you’re here or there, if you read or listen, if you write or speak. Everything will be useful! Just do it“. In this post, and the following ones, I intend to provide with some more specific advice on useful on-line resources you may like to explore to improve your English.

The first one I’ve chosen is DIALANG. Dialang is a language diagnosis tool developed by several European Higher Education institutions. It consists in a software you have to download to your computer. Once it has been installed you have the possibility of testing your level in 5 skills of 14 different languages!

Students taken the “Mención en Lengua Inglesa” at my University College can find this software interesting, as they can check if they are already in the B2 level required, and which areas they need to reinforce. Also, if you are preparing your exams for FCE, CAE, CPE or Trinity, this could also be useful practice for you.

Give it a try!


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