Xavier Gisbert visits our University

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Foto: Elena Boto (Diarío de Alcalá)

On 16th March, Xavier Gisbert, Director General for Quality Improvement in Teaching of the Department of Education of the Madrid Regional Government, visited our University. We invited him because we considered it important to provide our students with first-hand information about the organisation of the bilingual project in our region, and about the selection process of the teachers involved. The talk was informative and arose some key questions that need to be addressed from the point of view of teacher training. How can we ensure that teachers have good methodological training? How can we help them get this type of training with so very little time in their timetables? How can universities help future teachers get the appropriate training to work in a bilingual school? Etc. You can see part of his talk here

During his visit, we also had the chance to explain  Mr. Gisbert the organisation of our bilingual project, and how we are offering bilingual degrees which help students not only improved their English level, but also acquire knowledge from subject areas and experience a way of teaching/learning they can transfer to the schools. His opinion about it was positive, and it was later reflected in the following newspaper article: here.


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